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Individual/Family - Permanent & Short Term Plans

Confused about the Healthcare Marketplace? Don’t know what the first step is? We can help!

A lot has changed in the world of private health care over the past decade and certainly more changes are on the horizon.   Whether you are in the market for a health care plan because you are in between jobs or maybe your current employer has stopped offering benefits altogether or perhaps you have “aged off” your parent’s plan?  We can help make sure you and your family are protected!  

We help our clients navigate the complex world of private health care insurance options and make sure they understand the benefits and coverages, the provider networks and all of the other important details that impact your family.   We also assist clients who are ‘Subsidy-Eligible’ when purchasing plans “on the Exchange” or Federal Marketplace.  

We understand the process and the numerous options can seem overwhelming, call us, we can assist.